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All the exclusive Fogazzo “Treasure Chest” oven designs, are based on decades of research and development  and our vast experience in the production of wood fired oven kits. These kits are made using the best materials and techniques available today, which were combined to produce a truly unique and versatile wood fired oven. They are made to last a lifetime, and to  give you and your family, countless opportunities to enjoy the amazing pizza, bread, pasta, roasts, and many other foods, it can produce with incomparable flavor and flair! From all of us here at Fogazzo we’d like to thank you for considering the purchase of our oven.

Model 655 kits feature:

?Patented, proven, heat efficient treasure-chest design.
Cooking chamber, with a 729 square inch, oven floor.
?Enclosed cooking chamber, for longest heat retention.
?Castings made with heavy duty refractory materials.
Balanced precast flue/hood for the highest efficiency.
?Steel oven door with high temperature crinkle finish.
?High density board for under oven floor insulation.
?Ceramic fiber blanket for over the dome insulation.
?Complete installation instructions for easy assembly.
?Full 5-Year limited warranty on all oven components.

Model 855 crop 2

Cutaway view to show the interior detail and oven features.

Height 19”
Width 33”
Depth 39
Cooking Area 27”x 27”
Weight 587 lbs

Model 655 Wood Fired Oven Kit $1,999.00

Fogazzo treasure chest wood fired oven kits come complete, are easy to build and will get you the best wood fired oven done fast.. Everything you need to build a great wood fired oven is included right in the box. You get:

Under oven insulation boards. These are the best of the best insulation boards available anywhere. Full refractory brick oven floor 24 pcs, 4.5x9x2.5”. Refractory  castings for front wall, side walls, back wall, flue hood and dome

Overall the walls and dome are 3+ inches of high quality refractory mass. Need more mass? You can order add as much as 3 more inches. Just call us for the details. In the kit you also get as pre-cast parts the front wall, the combination flue/hood and the front apron. Additionally the kit comes with a 2” ceramic fiber blanket to insulate your oven once it is assembled.

2 - 12” Pizzas

Model 655 Top View Pizza_crp_40

Model 655 fits:

2 - large rosting pans

Model 655 Top View Roasting_crp_40

5 - 1.5 lb loaves of bread

Model 655 Top View Bread_crp_41
Model 655 with dimensions

Overall kit dimensions. Does not include insulation or finish materials.

Model 855 Full Construction Cut-away Metal Framing 15

Light gauge steel stud framing. Cutaway view to show installation details

Model 855 Full Construction Cut-away 12_crp

Masonry block construction. Cutaway view to show installation details

Model 855 Oven Final Exploded view 2_2

Exploded view of kit components.


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